Dear Dr Siju,

Thank you for your mail and the images of my root canal procedure. I experienced no pain whatsoever during or after the treatment. Will look forward to seeing you at Caperberry and Fava sometime soon.

Abijith Saha

Director & Chef
Caperberry & FAVA Avant Garde Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

Thanks a lot, Doc.

The RCT went through like a breeze. Much appreciated and very impressive. Very impressed with your adoption of technology and professionalism. All the best for 2012.

Pradeep Kar

Founder, Chairman and Managing Director
Microland Limited

Hello Doc!

Thank you for being so kind, patient and marvelously efficient - my procedure yesterday was without doubt the most painless and trauma-free I have ever experienced. This morning, I am as right as rain, hardly any discomfort at all - many, many thanks to you. I just can't believe you fixed the problem so neatly, cleanly and painlessly!

I'd like to say it would be lovely to visit your clinic again - but that would be a bit of S&M!!! My very best wishes and I have no doubt that you will continue to be Bangalore's leading dentist with scores of grateful patients.

Lillian Davis

Dear Dr. Jacob,

To be honest, I was a little apprehensive when I came to you for my first root canal treatment. I was pleasantly surprised that you handled it so well and I had little or no pain and discomfort. I therefore came back to you for a second one.

I have no hesitation in recommending your work to others. You are very good at what you do. Your staff are pleasant, the clinic is comfortable and clean and the overall experience is very good.

Raju Shahani

Development Consultant S.E. Asia, India & Middle East
Langham Hotels International

Dr. Siju Jacob uses the latest micro-surgical instruments which give him excellent visibility and access to the root canals so as to achieve outstanding results with minimal pain. Root canals done this way are not the painful, long-drawn-out procedures they used to be.

Dr. Rachel Davis (PhD)

Associate Professor, Department of Business Policy
NUS Business School, Singapore

Dr. Siju is a delightful person and made me completely aware of what to expect of the procedure - no surprises. During the procedure which lasted about 70 minutes, his caring touch in little things didn't go unnoticed. A rubber dam was placed over the mouth and a portion of it covered my nose. He promptly cut it so that it did not make me uncomfortable. During the entire procedure he personally suctioned the area several times when he noticed any slight discomfort, although his assistant could have done it. I was given a complete run through with photos recorded before, during and after the procedure. The whole experience was one of precision and professionalism. I am very happy to have been referred to him. Great Doctor. I would gladly recommend him.

Ravi Govindan

Managing Director
Microtex Energy Private Limited

Dear Dr. Siju,

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and your team for the exceptional dental care provided to me over the last several months. Your superb facility with the latest technological innovation helped me go through my dental treatments with least pain and most pleasure!

The technical expertise, professionalism and due care demonstrated by you and your team was truly world class.Thanks a lot.

Ranganath D Mavinakere


Dear Dr. Siju,

I can say with confidence that the root canal work you performed on me was not only relatively painless, it was easily the most professional and well-executed such procedure I have ever gone through (I have unfortunately had to have 2 previous root-canal procedures).

Credit must be given not only to your own dexterity, but also the cutting-edge technology used which ensures that you do not miss any portion of dead or diseased tissue. It was also gratifying to have a photographic record of the procedure at every stage. Thank you.

Alok Chandra

Wine Consultant and CEO
Gryphon Brand Inc.


You are a terrific doctor! Thank you very much.

Dr. Nandakumar Jairam

Chairman and Medical Director
Columbia Asia Hospitals, India

Hi Dr. Jacob,

I couldn't have ever imagined that a visit to the dentist will be so peaceful. I never felt any pain or discomfort during the entire treatment. You are a wonderful doctor. I was also very impressed with the amount of tools & technology you have at your disposal. Thank you!

Rostow Ravanan

Mind Tree Ltd.

Thoroughly professional and empathetic. He sent me an extensive and detailed treatment plan via email and was happy to answer my thousands of questions. What really stood out was that he seems genuinely concerned about the patients well being and comfort level both during the procedure as well as after and makes you feel comfortable both mentally and physically by explaining exactly what he plans to do .Apart from the fact that he really seems to know what he is doing , and is very passionate about it - his consideration and warmth definitely make him one of the best , according to me ! I would happily give him a 10 on 10 and would def recommend him to family and friends without a doubt.

Laiqa Shah


Dear Dr. Siju Jacob,

Thanks for your valuable advice related to my root canals.

I was very impressed to see a young and handsome personality at the clinic when I met you. I was very impressed with your nice and experienced advice.

It reminded me of the day 27 years ago when I came in contact with cardiac surgeon Dr.Devi Shetty at Calcutta who operated me for bypass surgery in 1992. I was very impressed with Dr.Shetty then and now, I felt exactly the same way when I met you.

Doctor, I appreciate you, your clinic and your sweet behaviour. I will always remember you.

Murari Lal Saraogi

Managing Director
Pride Group

Dr. Siju, What I do is "Magic". What you have done today is a "Miracle".

PC Sorcar


My dentist diagnosed that I had to undergo a complicated root canal treatment and recommended Dr. Siju Jacob who is a super specialist in this domain. To be honest, I was terrified as I had heard horror stories from people who went through this treatment. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jacob and went to his clinic for my root canal on the day that was designated. My first surprise was when I saw Dr. Jacob for the first time - I had expected an old man (as I was told he was super experienced and for some reason I expected to see an elderly gentleman). Instead I met a charismatic young doctor who was extremely warm and confident!

Dr. Jacob put me at ease in the first few minutes with a very personal conversation, asked me about my problem, did a preliminary examination and provided me a detailed overview of the problem, the process and the cure! He showed me pictures of the problem and what he would do to resolve it in a fairly painless fashion. He even asked me my taste in music and played that while I was getting operated on!

The entire experience which consisted of 2-3 sittings was a total pleasure and relatively painless. I even fell asleep on 2 of these occasions during the process! If I ever felt discomfort the doctor and I had an established protocol where I would warn him and he would stop. I was really surprised that the entire process (which was live on a TV monitor for me to watch) was so painless. It broke the myth in my mind that this is a horribly painful experience and Dr. Jacob worked his magic to prove to me that the process can be relatively simple and straightforward if done the right way with the right skills and the right equipment!

Not that I am looking forward to another root canal, but if I have ever have to go for one, I am glad that I know that it is not the same traumatic experience that I thought it was! And of course it is always a pleasure to be treated by a fantastic doctor with excellent manners and skills to get the job done – painlessly!

Umang Bedi


I highly recommend Dr. Jacob's clinic for root canals, a seemingly painful procedure. I have spent too much time with dentists for various treatments but the least painful and the most effective by far have been the procedures done by Dr. Jacob. Root Canals are handled with expert care and I am completely at ease about the treatment I am about to receive.

Nirupa Shankar

Director - Hospitality
Brigade Enterprises Limited

His calm and professional way of handling the problem gave me immense confidence that I was in the right hands.

He captured microscopic images of RCT procedure at important stages and showed them to me and explained. I have yet to go through a second and final sitting for RCT.

He is the first doctor I have seen in my seventy years of life who promptly answered my email query. This was a great surprise to me.I must frankly admit that his fees for the RCT are quite a bit on the higher side. And also must say that he did not rush me through payment. I was pleasantly surprised when he said that I can pay after the final sitting.

Prof Dr. S.P. Mallikarjun Rao, PhD

Former Chairman, Board of Studies
Osmania University, Hyderabad

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