Endodontic Referral

Faced with a difficult Endo case?

Have a patient who needs an urgent root canal and you don't have the time?

You now have a choice! Discover the benefits of being our endodontic referral. Refer the case. We will complete the root canal, do the build-up and send it back to you for the crown!

Referring a case is simple. All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call or send us a mail.

The root canal clinic is proud to be the Endodontic referral center for the following clinicians:

  • Dr. K Nagesh, Krupa Dental Clinic, Malleswaram
  • Dr. M.S Shantaram, Residency Road
  • Dr. Savitha Doss, Residency Road
  • Dr. Vivek Nandavar, Langford Road
  • Dr. Yashwanth Narayan. Langford Road
  • Dr. Raphael Parambi, Ulsoor Road
  • Dr. Girish Rao, Jayanagar
  • Dr. Anjan Shah, Millers road
  • Dr. Anjana Vishwanath, Ulsoor Road
  • Dr. T.V Narayan Coles road
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