Dr Siju Jacob is regularly involved in conducting Endodontic lectures and hands-on courses throughout India. These courses may be held independently or in association with organizations such as Indian dental association (IDA) or Indian Endodontic Society (IES).
A Resume of Dr. Siju is available on request by e-mail. Courses may be planned as 1, 2 or 5 day modules. Organisers of such events are advised to communicate well in advance to enable better planning. The facilities required for conducting such courses may be discussed with Dr. Siju.
       Surgical Microscope
Dr. Siju conducts Microscope courses for Endodontists and general dentists at Bangalore. Conventional two-day courses for groups of 10 participants are held twice every year. We also have customised one-on-one courses.

If you would like to take up a course or would like to organise a course for your study group, please contact Dr. Siju directly.

       Regular courses at Bangalore
    Predictable Endodontics
A Two - day hands - on course in clinical Endodontics for general practitioners
(Course fully Booked for 2012)
    Microscopic Endodontics
A two-day Hands-on course in Micro-Endodontics
(Course fully Booked for 2012)
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