Faced with a difficult Endo case?

Have a patient who needs an urgent root canal and you don’t have the time?

Now you have a choice! Discover the Benefits of being our Endodontic Referral .Refer the case. We will complete the root canal, Do the build up and send it back to you for the crown!

Referring a case is simple. All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call or send us a mail.

The root canal clinic is proud to be the Endodontic referral center for the following clinicians:

+  Dr. K Nagesh. Krupa dental clinic, Malleswaram

+  Dr. M.S Shantaram, Residency Road

+  Dr. Savitha Doss, Residency Road

+  Dr. Vivek Nandavar, Langford Road

+  Dr. Yashwanth Narayan. Langford Road

+  Dr. Kishore Nayak, Langford Road

+  Dr. Raphael Parambi, Ulsoor Road

+  Dr. Vijai Jeevan, Marthahalli and Cambridge layout

+  Dr. Girish Rao, Jayanagar

+  Dr. P.C Jacob, Coles Road

+  Dr. Anjana Vishwanath, Ulsoor Road

+  Dr. Shaila kumar, Whitefield

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